2035 Mill Creek Road, Dover, PA 17315

717.577.3520 ext 2


What we offer

  • Various strengths

    • 3,000 psi
    • 3,500 psi
    • 4,000 psi
    • 4,500 psi
    • 5,000 psi
    • and MORE
  • Various stone types
    • ¾ mix 
    • ½ mix (example: Pervious mix)
    • Pea gravel (example: Exposed aggregate) 
    • and MORE
  • Hot water
  • Accelerator
  • Fiber
  • Air


and MORE

  • Additional products available
    • Integral colors (powder agent)
    • Antique release colors (powder agent/liquid)
    • Sealer (CS 309 25, 5 gal)
    • Staining agent
    • Sprayers
    • Xylene
    • Rebar
    • Wire Mesh
    • Expansions
    • and MORE
  • Bulk Materials
    • Stone (various types)
    • Sand (various types)
    • Dirt
    • Top soil
    • Wall blocks
  • Additional services
    • Concrete buggy rental with operator
    • Stamp rentals
    • Evenings/Weekends/Holiday availability

Additional FAQs

  • Each of our trucks can produce approximately 10 yards each depending on the specific mix.  Over 20 yards, please expect a wait time in between.
  • Our truck chutes can reach approximately 15 feet and the highest it can reach is approximately 3-4 ft.
  • Our trucks can produce a yard in approximately 2 minutes.

  • Unloading time per truck is an hour.  If the allotted hour expires, there will be an additional charge at 15 minute increments.
  • There is no short load fee; however, there is a minimal one (1) yard charge per order.   Please call for more detailed pricing.
  • Delivery fees are based on zones.  Evenings/weekends and holidays are available.  Please call for more detailed pricing.
  • Evening/weekend deliveries and buggy services must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Holiday deliveries and buggy services must be scheduled 72 hours in advance. 
  • We understand that projects can and do change.  We ask for at least 4 hours notice to cancel a delivery.  Cancellations due to the weather may be made within 2 hours of scheduled delivery time.  A no-pour fee will be assessed if you do not take delivery of your order with our arrival.

  • Our volumetric mixer trucks weigh just as much as the traditional drum mixers.  They may damage existing driveway (asphalt or concrete), lawns/landscaping, buried lines/tanks, etc. 
  • All orders (concrete or bulk material) are for street curb delivery.  Homeowner or contractor will assume all responsibility for any damage where delivery is made inside of the curb.

  • We accept cash, check or credit card at the time of delivery.  Established accounts will be eligible for invoicing.